Thursday, 29 March 2018

Preparing for NEET exam 2018? 5 tips on how to strategies biology exam

As we know every medical student have a dream to become a sacksful doctor in their life some people have born dream and some decide after 12th standard that they want to see as a doctor in their future life. And make their dream true they do very hard work while preparation still get failed that means they need to do something different from other people. Lakhs of student appear in this entrance exam every year. Competition is very high In order to get admission in good college then your mission should not be just crack the exam. You have to get the good score in this exam then you will be eligible for the top college. And this is possible when you are working hard as well as the smart and according to time. Make your own plan and strategies and follow them. I am going to mention some tips that will surely help you.

   1.Make a plan and follow it

As you know already there are three types of question pattern for every exam. Start your preparation according to weightage of NEET exam. Give time to every subject daily because your target is to get high rank in this examination so have to give time for every subject equally.

    2.Must attempt

Some topics we have mentioned in don’t forget attempt these topic in your examination because that topics are very important and help you to crack your exam, as well as they, get good rank like Cell structure, biotechnology, photosynthesis, genetics, Evolution, Cellular, plant morphology etc. all these topics you must prepare while your preparation for NEET exam.

    3.Give your best

While your preparation for biology exam then you have to give your best to some selected topics because those topics are hard as well as the most important for your exam. Topics are digestion & Absorption, breathing & exchange of gases, Animal Reproduction and development, Biological classification and ecology etc.

4. Do if you have enough time

In this section we mainly cover the Animal Kingdom, Anatomy of Flowering plants growth and development, Animal Tissues etc. topic planet and Animalia you have to prepare very carefully because those topics are very time to consume and having more important for your exam so its mandatory for good rank and would like to recommend to see the example in NCERT along with the common names. And prepare Cell biology, plant physiology and Biomolecules from your class 11th syllabus according to previous year question paper and NEET books for AIPMT examination.

5. Do practice to become better

Your daily practice plays the most vital role in your activity if your preparing for any exam so don’t leave to do practice on daily basis. And solve the previous exam question paper that is the only way you can judge yourself how hard you are preparing for your exam and how much you have done .and find out yourself what is your weak point then work on that subject and topic surely you will get good rank in your examination for which you are preparing. As you know biology is not an easy subject you have to work hard for that subject.

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