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Best Way to Crack NEET Examination

We should read best books if we have the desire to crack the next exam in 2018. Before the planning of exam preparation, first things come in mind of every student onset of your examination is the study material. What NEET books you should be preferred and how you learn all the concept. We no need to spend our more time with books we should read the books in a conceptual way then solve more practice question paper. May this post will help you will go the right direction to get success in your NEET carrier.

How to utilize NEET books to your advantage?

Every student appearing in the NEET examination to read the NEET books in a conceptual way topic to topic. When we studying on that time underline the concept and fact to making the good quality note is will add to your knowledge rather than the focus on too many books. Just go some best quality NEET books and prepare them well. Once you have start preparation then no need to create the gap between your studies. The study in continue flow maintains the consistency it will affect your preparation. Start practicing mock test through the mock test you can test your knowledge.

Tips for using NEET books

1.    Start preparation with NCERT NEET books and then move on the others.
2.    Follow the NCERT books as well as the reference NEET books.
3.    No matter how much syllabus, do not include selective study.
4.    Solve many mock tests as you can.
5.    Give yourself proper time to evaluate your performance in the end.

What Strategy we should follow for reading NEET books.

To win any race, a student needs a proper strategy because with strategic planning one can complete all aspects of all syllabus related to exams. If he is leaving any aspect of syllabus it may possible that part will come in excess in the main examination. So a student cannot take risk of escaping that part. He needs to manage time with pressure also.

Sometimes Tension may arise in which it may be of two types Positive Tension and Negative Tension. Positive Tension always suppresses you to achieve your Goals and Pass the examination with good marks or to qualify it to get admission, on the other hand, Negative Tension always fills you with more pressure, in this condition, you cannot handle the pressure or you may go in depression that leads to your failure.

Time Management:

Time Management is the very crucial phase of any strategy but if you are managing it with your intelligence then I am sure you would perform better. Divide the syllabus into tasks so that you can complete syllabus in a strategic manner. Fill time management with some sort of entertainment in between to make you feel comfortable.

Final Words:

These all were the strategies to follow upon. If we are following them we can win the race’s as we know that the NCERT are the best NEET books to get all your basic concept covered. There are some of the best NEET books for every subject to be tested in the exam. Preparation of NEET exam or any other medical entrance examination but key of success start from the NCERT books and end with NCERT. To get more information about the NEET examination visit this site.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Best Reference Books for AIPMT/NEET/AIIMS Preparation – Amit Book Depot

Cracking a competitive exam is no child’s play. This is all the way truer when we are talking about the largest medical competitive exam of the country. The only way to crack NEET is to put in a lot of perseverance and teamwork and then channelize the same. In pursuit of proper recourse to study from, students often end up going to a number of the coaching institute. Many of these coaching institutes do not really worry about the student’s future and they are more into the money making business. Thus they do very less to guide the student to an effective way to prepare for NEET.

In a situation like this, the best thing that a student can do is to opt for studying from the study books published by Arihant. These books are conveniently priced such that they are affordable to the students. The reason why these books are a cut above anything else that is available in the market is that these books are not written by a single person. A dedicated team of professions collaborates to bring to you these books so that the hardworking students are not deprived of the best of content.


Another icing on the cake is the fact that there are separate books for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as well as separate question banks for each of them. All the question banks have been carefully compiled after intensive research and analysis so that the students have access to all that is necessary and the extra and complicated jargons are ignored. If any student follows the instructions given therein a step by step manner and put in the required effort, chances are that he will scrape through the exams very easily. With the concise range of NEET preparation by Arihant, medical exam preparation is no longer a rich man’s dream.


Now it is a well-established fact that the traditional methods of learning are not what can get one to crack a competitive exam, more so when the exam is of medical nature.  Hence Arihant makes sure that there is ample content provided in its content before bombarding the students with its multiple choice questions. Even with respect to the multiple choice questions, it is ensured that the difficulty increases gradually and one is not at a loss. Thus by practicing the lessons that are given in the Arihant NEET books systematically and regularly over a given period of time, it can be ensured that all the topics are covered in the required depth.

All of the above factors, in some way or the other, contribute to making the lives of dedicated and hardworking students smoother. This is one of the primary reasons why Arihant has been a market leader in bringing out books for NEET (previously known as AIPMT) for over fifteen years now, With its team of authors, editors and proofreaders working day in and day out to come up with lucid content for all its books, it does look like Arihant is going to lead the market of NEET books even in the years to come.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Books and Strategies For NEET Preparation

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. This exam is taken for admitting Medical aspirants in Medical Colleges all over India for Medical courses like MBBS, BDS (Dental) or MD OR MS. The student must have opted Science stream with major papers as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Moreover, the student must be minimum 17 years old to give this exam. Every year about 12 lakh students appear for this prestigious exam which has a maximum of 55,455 MBBS seats and 25,900 BDS seats all over India making it one of the toughest exams to crack. Moreover, if someone wants to get into a good college, the requirement is even higher. Since NEET is a very difficult exam to crack, so it requires a well planned strategically way of study and practice.

A huge number of students rush towards various cities and coaching institutes for better knowledge and better grip on their subjects but they end up ruining their career. Books have always been the best friends for humans since ages. This is so true in case of NEET preparation as well. Studying right books not only increase the self-esteem and confidence but it also increases the knowledge of the subject which ultimately reflects in the results. Qualifying NEET is not so easy despite of its question level being lower than that of engineering entrance exams. The reason being a large number of questions asked in the exam and comparatively low time given to solve them.

Thus preparation requires high and regular practice to remove errors and silly mistakes and to increase the accuracy to ultimately uplift the result. BOOKS TO BE REFERRED FOR PREPARATION OF NEET:- According to the question pattern of NEET exam, NCERT books serve the best quality when it comes to giving the logic. It has also been observed that the points which are mentioned in NCERT books and not elaborated properly tend to create questions in NEET exam. So to get more knowledge, side books are always been preferred. Here is a list of best books in the market which gives the required knowledge to clear the exam

1. Pradeep's, S.Chand, Dinesh - These side books are very useful as they could be called an extended version of the NCERT books. They are very illustrative thus clearing the concepts to much more level than a NCERT book. Moreover, they have a large number of practice questions which help students to know about question pattern and trends.

2. MTG Combo NEET, AIPMT 30 years chapter-wise solved papers - Since rate of repetition of questions in NEET is much more compared to other competitive exams thus practicing with this book certainly give an edge to students over other candidates. Students can also opt MTG NEET BOOKS Guide and NEET Explorer.

3. Arihant NEET BOOKS - Arihant Publications is the finest book publisher when it comes to competitive books. Few good books which students may opt are Objective Physics, Objective Chemistry, and Exploring Biology. NEET 30 years combo is also a very good book.

4. Physics and Chemistry books - For theory NCERT and either of Pradeep's, Dinesh or S.Chand is good for both Physics and Chemistry. But for question practice, DC Pandey and HC Verma for Physics and for Chemistry, OP Tandon and RC Mukherjee are the best. **FROM WHERE TO GET THESE BOOKS? Amit Book Depot is the leading wholesale seller of all kind of academic, non-academic and competitive books. A person can easily get all the books from this bookshop at a very cheap and reasonable price with the latest edition. For more details, one can also check the site for reference. Besides all this, one should build the theory strong and then proceed towards problem-solving part. NCERT books should be most emphasized ones and then one should also join a test series almost six months prior to the exam to judge the strong and weak points in the preparations.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Best Preparation Books for NEET 2018-19

If you are a Medical student and also preparing for the most essential exam “NEET,” then selecting the best books for NEET preparation is the very first step to start the preparation. This post will help you in choosing the best book among all the books available in the market.

NEET stands for the” National Eligibility cum Entrance Test” and is one of the most prestigious exams for every medical student to get admission in the top medical colleges of India. The first step towards the preparation for the exam is the right selection of books.
Many books are available in the market which guarantees us the sure success in cracking the exam, but it gets difficult to find the right book at the time. There is no need to spend a massive amount of buying the bunch of books.

Books for NEET 2018-19

There are many questions which come to your mind while preparing and haunt your mind like:

        Which Exam Books to choose while preparing?
        How to learn the rock-solid concepts and where to find it?
   Which books for NEET Exam covers all the essential topics of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology?

We all know that time is precious while preparing for the competitive exam of medical and choosing the wrong books will merely waste our time and also give us the false concepts. These wrong thoughts can merely lead to the big mistake in fulfilling your dream of doing the MBBS or BDS.

How to select the best books for NEET Exam?

The book is the crucial key to unlock the dream of doing MBBS from the top medical colleges. Before selecting and buying the books, keep these things in mind:
   Always go for the updated version of the NEET study material as it contains the latest information regarding your subjects.
        The book must be covering the whole NEET Exam syllabus.
        Choose the books which have solved question papers and unsolved practice questions.
        Select the book which you are comfortable with and also check the reviews on the Internet.

Books for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
The first book which should be chosen without any doubt is the NCERT Books. The NCERT books are known as the “Bible” for all the medical students preparing for NEET. Majority of the questions in exam comes from these books so solving these books is the key to success in cracking the NEET 2018.

After completing the whole NCERT books, then you can go for the other books for boosting your preparation. Some of the books are mentioned below:

   Arihant Books: One of the bestsellers is the Arihant NEET Books for preparation. It is available for all the subjects including the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

      MTG Books: The students can also go for the MTG NEET Books for the study material and the practice question papers.

Now don’t waste time in choosing and selecting the books, just go to the market and buy one from Amit Book Depot. Start your preparation for cracking the NEET 2018-19.

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