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Best Books for NEET 2018 and Study Material for MBBS Aspirants

Amit Book Depot, Chandigarh is an online bookstore that provides best books for NEET, GATE, B.Com, BBA, MBA Entrance Exam and various other government exams at very low prices. The website helps the candidates in preparing for the exams with proper course books and study material.
Here we will provide the best books for NEET designed by experts and well-known authors. Read the complete article and buy the recommended books for NEET now. The NEET 2018 will consist of three sections namely Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

NEET exam provides the opportunities to the candidates to get admission in best medical colleges of the country.

To crack the exam, the candidates must study from the best books for NEET which is offered our bookstore, Amit Book Depot.

Studying from the top and best-recommended books for NEET will help the candidates to have a better understanding of the concepts and let the candidates prepare better for the exam.
Along with the best NEET books, the candidates should have the best NEET study material, so that they can start their preparation in the right direction.

Some of the best books for NEET you must buy at our bookstore.

·         40 days Chemistry for NEET
·         Complete NEET Guide- Physics- By MTG Editorial Board
·         NEET Biology Books: Complete NEET Guide- MTG Editorial Board
·         Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET- Biology
·         Super 10 mock tests for NEET 2018- Disha Experts
·         Target NEET 2018 (2012-17 Solved Papers + 10 Mock Papers) 6th Edition
·         Master The NCERT An Objective Approach To Understand NCERT Biology Volume 1 Class 11th
·         15 Sample Question Papers Biology For Class 12th (NEW)

Why buy Books from Amit Book Depot, Chandigarh only?
Choosing our bookstore to buy NEET books is the right option. Why?
Because it is the one-stop solution for buying NEET books and Study material at one place. Also, here you can get the last 15 years’ question and mock tests for NEET. Isn’t it great!

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So, if you are thinking to buy NEET books and study material and want to start your exam preparations, then buy books from Amit Book Depot and start your exam preparations now.
Additionally, you can also buy solved question papers for NEET exam. Previous exam papers and mock tests help the candidates to get familiar with the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam. It also helps in analyzing weak areas so you can improve them and give your 100% in the main exam. You just have to order your books online and your books will be delivered to your doorstep.

Go and buy hurry!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Important Tips for NEET Chemistry 2018 Preparation- Books, Topics

NEET Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. If the students have command over this subject, he can score good marks in NEET exam.

Worrying about how to prepare for NEET Chemistry?
Check out the important preparation tips for NEET Chemistry provided in this article and boost up your exam preparation.

Chemistry is divided into three sections- Organic, Inorganic and Physical. Learn how to how to study these sections of NEET Chemistry.

1.     Understand the concept

Understanding the concept is the most important part to prepare for the chemistry section. Clear all the concepts and solve numerical based on it.

2.     Know the Important Topics of NEET Chemistry

To get high scores in the exam you must focus on the important topics first. Some of the do and die chapters of NEET Chemistry are:
·         Aldehydes, Ketones
·         Carboxylic Acids
·         Biomolecules
·         Chemical Kinetics
·         Equilibrium
·         Coordination Compounds
·         P Block elements
·         Redox reactions

3.     Prepare study plan

To study all the topics of NEET Chemistry, prepare a study plan and divide the topics in such a way that you can get the time for revision. Once you prepare a study plan, make sure that you follow it.

4.     Refer good NEET Chemistry Books

Half of your problem is solved if you have the right NEET Chemistry books. There are plenty of books in the market; you have to choose wisely the one which is right for you. NCERT is the best book for NEET preparation.
Don’t worry candidates. We are here to help you. AmitBookDepot, Chandigarh is an online bookstore. You can buy the books of well-known authors and can save your time.
The NEET Preparation books provided at very reasonable price here. Also, get the exclusive offers when you visit our website and buy books. Visit our website here:

For Chemistry preparation, you can but the best NEET Chemistry Books from our bookstore like:
·         Arihant NEET books
·         O.P Tandon
·         Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee

5.     Refer Best NEET Study Material.

NEET Chemistry books, study material, past years’ question papers are some of the essential things you must have while preparing for NEET chemistry.
Choose the NEET study material that consists of the Objective questions and the theory for exam preparation.

6.     Take Mock Tests and Solve Last 10 years’ Papers

Last month before the exam, you must attempt online mock tests to know your preparation level. With the help of question papers and mock tests, you become familiar with the paper pattern of the NEET.

7.     Revision is a must

Make a habit of daily revision. Revise daily what you have studied whole day. Make notes of the important points that will be helpful in the last minute revision for NEET exam.

Follow these tricks for the preparation of NEET Chemistry to crack the exam. Get good scores and make your dream come true to get admission in top medical colleges of the country.

Friday, 6 April 2018

NEET Study Material 2018 and Complete Comprehensive NEET Guide

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test abbreviated as NEET was previously known as AIPMT. From 2016 onwards, NEET becomes the single medical entrance exam of the country.

Every year lakhs of candidates prepare for the exam and some of them able to live their dreams of a successful doctor.
But thousands of medical students could not make up to their dreams as they cannot afford the expensive study material provided by coaching institutes or shops.

We at AmitBookDepot, Chandigarh are here providing NEET Study material at the very reasonable price which a middle-class candidate can also afford to buy. We believe in fulfilling the dreams of the students without any hindrance, therefore we provide the best books for NEET and NEET Study Material.

The candidates can visit our website for the detailed information at the following link:

At AmitBookDepot, Chandigarh, you will not only get the video lectures for each chapter for all the NEET Subjects, but you can also have access to the top NEET Study Material which is designed by the Experts who have years of Knowledge in this field. Also, you will get the in-depth knowledge of all the topics while going through the study material.

Along with the NEET Study Material, you can buy the Best Books for NEET at the very reasonable price at our bookstore. Plus, you will be offered 50% discount and other benefits too at our online bookstore-AmitBookDepot, you must give it a try to boost your NEET exam preparation.
NEET Biology Books, Physics and Chemistry books provided at our bookstore are highly recommended by the teachers and toppers and consist of the books of the well-known authors.

Also, the NEET Study material provided here covers the entire NEET Syllabus of all the three subjects. The easy to understand format helps students in their easy preparation of the exam. It also includes the solved previous year’s question papers of NEET to help the candidates to know the level and type of questions asked in the exam.

Highlights of NEET Study Material

The study material of NEET consists of the following things:

·         Comprehensive NEET study modules.
·         Exercise after each topic.
·         Complete understanding of theory and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
·         High-level questions to match the difficulty level of NEET.
·         Prepared for the complete analysis of last 10 years NEET question papers.
·         NEET Solved papers for practice.

NCERT Books are considered to be the best NEET Study Material. If you go through each and every line of NCERT book, you can easily score more than 75% marks in your exam. These books cover the maximum of the portion of the exam.

Now, to study the additional points you can refer the NEET Study Material and books provided at our bookstore.

NEET 2018 Exam is approaching. Choose wisely the best books for NEET and study material and clear the exam in one go. Follow the advice given by the toppers which can help you in your preparation.

Do your best candidates. All the best for the exam!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Best NEET Books For 2018

These are special books, powerfully edited and have confirmed to set curriculum standards.  They are easy to read because the printer has put in consideration the challenges that come along with reading. Font sizes are large enough to suit everyone.  The colors, graphics, and style have been included and description put adjacent for easy understanding. Brief sentences with clarity. They also have the beautiful outlook that stands out in at glance. The books are eye-catching and meaningful to the reader. The back of the book cover, they contain short synopsis that guides the reader on the content in the book. Neet books provide new information with very good and clear content. The author of the books that we sell has good credentials that cannot be compared to any other. Our books go through an evaluation whereby we have them revised to ensure the content of the book is credible sourced and relevant.

Amit Book Depot
Through Amitbookshop website you are able to access various books. They are various categories of books that are available at Amit bookshop. Examples are Neet preparation book, Neet books, MTG neet books, Arihant neet books, NEET biology books, physics books for NEET and NEET study materials. The books are enough for academic, science and all related subjects. If interested, you can view and place orders of these books through our http// website. You can search and access retail and the wholesale prices. These will help you to obtain quick business transactions at your comfort.

NEET books are the best for studies they have all the academic information you require. The books are published from some part of NEET exam. Neet books are the right books that can help and lead the learners to cover the whole syllabus. While the learners use these books they are assured of excelling in their exams. This is because the literature used to publish the books is simple and self-explaining to the learners.These set of books have been fully certified by the examination board. That is why at Amit book depot, Chandigarh we have full responsibility to sell the products without fear. The stock at our bookshop is done in relevance with the ministry of education thus earn us the trust. In comparison to our perceived competitors, we confirm there is no much. It’s at the click of a button that you will be able to the prices of NEET books.

There are several refers done to us due to our excellent service over the years that has put us on the front line. This has made the NEET book proud because the syllabus concept is key and fundamental especially on physics, chemistry, and biology.It is very important not to pay a fortune to buy ordinary books or any book from the bunch. These books may not have the right content if at all you are aiming to excel. That’s why we recommend you to choose the Neet books they are always at the lead to wrap it all buy the NEET books available at Amit book depot, Chandigarh to secure good future.

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