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Amitbookdepot.com is one of the best platforms for finding the best NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) books. We provide the books of various publications such MTG NEET Books, Arihant NEET Books, NEET Biology Books, Physics Books for NEET Exam, various study materials and others for the students. Usually, students feel stress while going to purchase these books due to its unavailability most of the times.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is an entrance examination which draws thousands of aspirants from all over the country per year. This is one of the most prestigious exams to get entrance in the various medical institutions of the country

Cracking this exam is a major achievement for the students, going by the fact that it is the most prominent medical exam in the country. Every aspiring medical professional wish to get into NEET and the competition levels are quite steep as well that's why it needs the suitable preparation which is of the utmost importance.

At the same time, if you are finding the best NEET preparation books then most of the times students face the difficulty and this is a quite struggling time for the aspirants indeed just in the quest of your desired book. This quest doesn't end at local bookstores and other outlets as well. Also, if they are indeed available at well-known book-store, they usually it comes at higher prices which are often obstacles to many students who cannot afford this strain on their pockets.

Due to all these Amitbookdepot.com provides the best books of various publications for the NEET entrance exam at the most reasonable prices to the aspirants. We provide the best medical books online thus by without any worry about their prices and also have multiple offers & discounts by which aspirants can buy the best books at the best price.

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We are very glad that you are taking time from your busy study schedules and trying to get to know about us. Our objective is just to provide the books to the aspirant in their doorstep so that they can't waste their valuable time in going to the various bookstore and select the books of your needs.

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The list of best books to get you through the NEET way!

Are you a NEET Aspirant and want to get selected in the National Eligibility Entrance Test with flying colors? Actually, you are not alone. Million of students who are preparing for their NEET exams face quite a bit of difficulty in many areas of their preparation, the biggest being the book confusion! Many students make the biggest mistake by buying any random NEET books without even knowing if it's any good for their time and effort and ending up not getting selected.

Many books cannot meet the level of NEET exam, being knockoffs of other low standard books and are priced very low to attract student for buying their books. This not only spoils the level of your knowledge but also wipes out one glorious year from their life.

To help out students Amit Book Depot has brought to you the best books for NEET and other NEET study material that not only is worth your time and effort but also, will elaborate your knowledge about different subjects and topics that will help you during your entrance exams. Amit Book Depot is the top leading Bookstore in Chandigarh that has a huge collection of Top Selling Books for preparation of Entrance Exams such as NEET, JEE, GATE, AIIMS MBA, UGC, IELTS and lots me. We even have quality stationery products for students as well as for office use.

Here are our top recommended books for NEET divided into three different Sections viz. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. All these books are available at Amit Book Depot with exciting offers for students.

1) Complete NEET Guide Biology by MTG

MTG NEET Books for biology are quite popular among NEET Aspirants as their book covers almost every single topic, be it a tiny one. This book covers the full syllabus of class 11 and 12 combined together for a better knowledge. It is also loaded with brief theory, flowcharts, illustrative tables and an MCQ section for a thorough practice.

2) Biology for NEET by Arihant

If one has to choose a complete package for their preparation, Arihant NEET books should be undoubtedly in the student's study cart. These books are carefully designed to be exam-oriented by covering every single question that they think is crucial for the examination. Made after complete research and analysis this books sure has a lot to offer for the NEET Aspirants.

3) Trueman's Elementary Biology by M.P Tyagi

It is another great book for the NEET Aspirant by M.P Tyagi that covers all the important topics as well as a nicely designed section for the revision of all the topics. Almost every unit contains various questions to make the student do well in the NEET exam.


1) Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS for NEET Physics by MTG

It's not surprising that most of the physics in the NEET Exam are from the NCERT Book and this book is designed keeping that in mind. Covering all the questions from NCERT book of 11 and 12 class, it is an excellent book to grab your command over all the important NCERT questions that will light up your way for selection in NEET exam.

2) Objective Physics for NEET by Arihant

This NEET Objective book for physics is made by one of the most reputed authors D.C Pandey. Famous among many aspirants of NEET and JEE, it covers every single question and combined together in MCQ format. Covering many important questions, this book is clearly one of the best books out there on the market.

3) Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma

The awe-inspiring author H.C Verma has his name on every student's tongue be it a NEET or JEE aspirant. The main reason for its huge popularity among students is the water clear knowledge it provides. Clearing all the basic concepts, it lets students get into the world of physics by describing every single concept in an easy to understand patterns at the same time covering an extensive range of topics.


1) Objective Chemistry for NEET by Arihant

In the chemistry department, Arihant's Objective Chemistry for NEET tops our list. This highly informative objective book is loaded with the questions that make a sure shot appearance in the NEET papers. This book has been made possible by R.K Gupta, the author of this book, after a thorough research and analysis about the question pattern of NEET exams.

2) Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET Chemistry by MTG

MTG is highly popular because of the quality content it provides the student. This should be on the desk of every single NEET Aspirant. Covering all the important questions along with MCQ for practice makes this a wonderful NEET study material for chemistry.

3) Objective Chemistry by S. Dinesh

Comes in a set of 3 volumes containing; Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, this book is all in one package that will greatly boost your knowledge in every field of chemistry. Properly sorted from easy to the tough questions along with many highly illustrative examples makes the book bang for your buck.

Books play a very vital role in determining one's future. Choosing books wisely is one of the most important things and should be done with utmost research. We already did the hard work for, all you have to do is buy grab one today! Check out our website (http://www.amitbookdepot.com) to buy all these top leading books at a very reasonable cost!

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