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Friday, 18 May 2018

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mistakes to Avoid during NEET Preparation 2018

Preparing for NEET 2018? The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test requires months of preparation and with a high level of competition in this single medical entrance exam, one cannot afford to make silly mistakes.
So, to help out the candidates we are here with the common mistakes to avoid during NEET 2018 preparation. Have a look.

1.      Not paying attention to class 11th syllabus
The biggest mistake that usually done by the candidates is not paying attention to the 11th syllabus. Candidates are so endorsed in studying for 12th that they do not study 11th portion. The NEET syllabus equally consists of 11th and 12th portion.

2.      Counting study hours
Some students rather than focussing on the amount of syllabus left count for the study hours they have to study in a day. The candidates should focus on studying more number of chapters in a day rather than focussing on time.

3.      Paying less attention to NCERT books
Ignoring NCERT textbooks during NEET preparation is one of the biggest mistakes done by the candidates. NCERT is one of the best books for NEET preparation. Almost 70% of questions come from NCERT textbooks. Ignoring these books may be dangerous for your NEET preparation.

4.      Use too many study resources
Using ample of NEET books for the exam preparation will not going to help you to crack the exam, but using the best books for NEET will definitely going to help you in your preparation.
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The best-recommended books for NEET Biology, Chemistry and Physics are provided below.
·         Concepts of Physics by H C Verma
·         Objective Physics-D C Pandey
·         Pradeep Fundamental Physics
·         Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon
·         Trueman’s Biology Volume 1 and 2
·         Objective Biology by Dinesh
·         Pradeep guide on Biology

5.      Neglecting Weaker Sections
Some students have the habit to avoid the weak sections. While your NEET exam preparation, you must focus on all the topics. The section you find weak should be practiced and consulted with the teachers and friends. This will boost your confidence.

6.      Avoiding test series and Mock tests
While preparing, you must appear for online test series. Test series and mock tests before the main exam really help you in knowing your preparation level and thus your can analyze your weak section and can improve them.

7.      Skipping long questions
Skipping long questions while NEET preparation is also one of the common mistakes committed by the candidates. The candidates should stop being lazy and start practicing even the long questions. You never know the type the questions which will be asked in the exam. So, be prepared for every situation.

8.      Doubting yourself
Doubting yourself and your preparation is not good as it will greatly affect your performance in the exam. You should be confident about what you have studied and what you know.
Candidates go thoroughly these points and avoid these common mistakes during your NEET 2018 exam preparation.

Give your best and crack the exam with best scores.

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